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Schools and Libraries in Columbus Ohio and Central Ohio

"Lifelong Learning" isn't just a slogan in Columbus. It's part of everyday life. And Central Ohio's award-winning libraries, nationally-recognized school systems, and seven local colleges and universities work to keep it that way. Here's the scoop on schedules, programs and happenings for kids and adults.
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Montessori Schools in Columbus
Columbus has a variety of educational options including Montessori. Check out our listing of Montessori method education locations.

Use OhioLink to tap into the libraries and databases of 88 Ohio college and university libraries, and the State Library of Ohio. If you’re a student, or staff or faculty member at a college, use your ID. If you’re a private citizen, you can use your State Library card.

The State Library of Ohio
The State Library of Ohio serves government, other libraries and the general public. If you have a card, you have free access to thousands of online databases, online classes and books, virtual and in-person reference services and much, much more.

Ohio School District Maps by County -- 2007 revision

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