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Worthington Ohio Walking Tour


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Begin: SW Corner of the Village Green
Worthington Ohio Walking Tour

Well-restored private homes border the SW quadrant of the Village Green.

Photo by Carol Ottolenghi

Founded in 1803, Old Worthington is very pedestrian-friendly. There are tree-lined streets, outdoor dining in the summer, and wheelchair ramps on every corner. Everything – the restaurants, library, churches, senior center and shopping – is two blocks or less from free parking. And everything centers around Worthington’s unique Village Green.

The Village Green is divided by the intersection of High St. and Dublin-Granville Rd., making it the physical heart of Old Worthington. But it's also the social heart of the City. That’s how Worthington’s founders wanted it. Early on, they set aside land at the town’s center as a "Publick Square" for community events and grazing cows.

The cows are long gone. But the Green is still a very public spot. So, start your walking tour heading north on the Green’s southwest corner, with graceful brick path leading to Worthington’s war memorial.

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