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5 Things You Must Do at the Ohio State Fair

It's not a fair visit unless you hit these favorites.


There is so much to see and do at the Ohio State Fair that it's worth planning two trips. Between delicious and creative fair food, shows, rides, exhibitions and agriculture, it's easy to become overwhelmed and to miss the really good stuff. That's why I've complied 5 Must Do's for you!

1. Giant Slide

Giant Slide copyright Ohio State Fair
One of the best rides at the fair is one of the most tame, but it is also one of the most loved. The Giant Slide is great for kids and those young at heart. In fact, it's more fun to watch the adults go down than the kids because children are used to the thrill of a slide. Many adults have forgotten what it feels like to have the wind rushing through your hair as you quickly pick up speed. Another great reason to watch and ride the slide - guessing how much air each adult will get between their bottoms and the slide as they hit each hill.

The way up takes a bit of stamina to climb the 105 steps to the top. Take a smaller child with you to cover for your slow ascent.

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2. Butter Sculptures

copyright outofthepinksky
Every year new butter sculptures rise up from lowly vats of cream to become works of art. What would the world be like without butter? The fair would be a little less "Ohio" without this yearly tribute to the agricultural roots of Ohio. It's not enough to see a photo on the news, you've gotta see the butter in person, but don't bring your own bread - all of the sculptures are encased in glass.

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3. Sky Glider

copyright The Ohio State Fair
Another oldie but goodie ride. If you haven't seen the fair from the SkyGlider you are in for a real treat. Up high is really the only way to take in the full size of the fair and the enormous number of attendees. As you leisurely sail above the fair you are treated to a great view of Columbus in all four directions. Mind the flip flops, it is quite easy to lose one on the ride!

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4. Something Fried

copyright: Ohio State Fair
Each year it seems fair food vendors are trying desperately to top the previous year's fried food fantasy item. Everything from fried cheeseburgers to fried Kool-Aid is available for consumption. I know Columbus is home to a big group of healthy eaters, but if there were ever a time to splurge this is it. Besides, after you down your fried Twinkie you can hit the 105 steps of the Giant Slide to work it off!

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5. Visit the Animals

The animals used to be the main show for the fair, but time has turned our eyes to focus more on rides, shows and food. It's a shame really because there is a whole other world at the fair that many miss. Beyond the petting zoo and pig races there are cows, chickens, pigs, ducks, lambs, llamas, horses and more on display and competing for top prizes.

Last year, my family and I witnesses children dressed in wool costumes while showing off their perfectly groomed and beautiful lambs. Did I mention it was close to 100 degrees and they were dressed from head to toe in wool? THAT is a feat worth seeing!

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