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Three Sunny Day Deeds to Do in Columbus


Three Sunny Day Deeds to Do in Columbus

The pond at Sharon Woods offers a place for contemplation in the middle on the city.

Photo by Carol Ottolenghi

Weather is a big deal in Columbus. We have all four seasons though they may not go in the order most people are used to seeing. Sure, we have winter but most of that winter can be spend wading through rain, not snow. And most residents know you can't count on snow staying away until June - remember the Easter in April when it snowed?

When we do see the sun, especially after a long, cold or wet winter, Columbusites are eager to get out and kiss the rays. So where can a sun thirsty resident go?

Columbus Metro Parks

Columbus is home to 15 parks with activities for every interest: hiking, biking, golfing, canoeing and more...

Columbus Zoo

Open 363 days a year, it is always a great time to go to the zoo. Indoor and outdoor attractions allows for visitors to manage their exposure to the elements. The Columbus Zoo was recently voted the best zoo in the country.


Much is made of the Short North as a pedestrian friendly neighborhood, but there is another neighborhood that doesn't get as much attention. Worthington has a old-school charm combined with plenty of sidewalk traffic, shops and restaurants. Whether searching for antiques or the city's best pastries, Worthington's slow-motion pace is great for taking a long walk in the sun.

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