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Getting Around in Columbus, Ohio and Central Ohio

Whether you drive, bike, carpool, or take the bus, here's info to make your to-and-fro easier.

Columbus Bike Trails
Biking is a popular mode of transportation and recreation for Columbusites. Whether riding for charity through the annual Peletonia event or just getting to work, Columbus has fast become one of the most bike friendly cities in the United States. You can even find Mayor Michael B. Coleman taking to the streets on his two wheels.

Not My Baggage -- Artist Helma Groot at Port Columbus
Public art in Columbus can be as elegant and sparse as a Henry Moore sculpture or as literal as the giant Christopher Columbus on Columbus State's campus. But a lot of Columbus' public art is whimsical, with just a touch of irony. Take, for example, artist Helma Groot's newest mobiles dangling at the Ohio Arts Council's <i>Port Columbus Gateway to The Arts</i> at the Columbus airport.

Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA)
The Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) is the code phrase for bus system. Here's all you'll need to know -- the schedules, routes and lost and found info.

Paving the Way -- Road Construction Updates
Get up-to-date reports on Central Ohio road-construction delays, detours and difficulties.

Bicycle Routes in Columbus Ohio

Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) Transportation Page
Want to know what's being considered transportation-wise for Columbus? Check out the CapitalWays Transportation Plan, which uses traffic patterns to predict where we will need new roads, repairs to old roads, expanded transit service and more bikeways through the year 2030. Bike maps, carpools -- they'll even fix you up with a buddy to ride your bike to work with.

Transportation and Parking at The Ohio State University
If you've ever tried to park on campus on game day, you know what futility is. But the "maps" section here makes all that parking angst just a bad memory. You can also buy student, staff and faculty parking passes, pay fines and find out where to park when you're going to one of OSU's Medical Centers.

Share the Road Columbus
Biker-friendly pavement markings, safety links, places to ride and more.

Airline Arrival and Departure Info from Port Columbus
When does the plane get here? When does it leave? Is it late? What exactly was the flight number again? You can find out here.

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