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Central Ohio Splashparks

Wet ways in Columbus.


Columbus may be land-locked, but that doesn't mean water isn't plentiful. When Columbus families look to cool off they head to local splashparks that are long on fun and short on cost. Check out our full listing!

1. Barnett Recreation Center Sprayground

Opening for the season in mid-June, the Barnett Recreation Center Sprayground is a favorite spot for kiddies looking to cool off in the summer. Located at 1184 Barnett Road on Columbus' east side, the Sprayground has several spinning, spraying water features that are both hands-on and automated which is great for surprised giggles and screams.

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2. Ballantrae Park Splashpad

The “Dancing Hares” sculpture by Sophie Ryder is a signature feature of this splashpark. The great thing about the park is there are restrooms available. The downside is while there is plenty of grass, there isn't much actual seating and no shade. Be sure to bring a blanket and umbrella.
Ballantrae Park
6350 Woerner Temple Rd.
Dublin, Ohio 43017

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3. Easton Towne Center Splashpark

Choregraphed splashes means kids trying to time the splash and usually ending up with a face full of water. The splash area at Easton isn't as large as the ones mentioned up above, but it's great for summer days spent meandering around the popular outdoor mall.

Because it is located at Easton, there are plenty of things to do after a run through the water including kid friendly eateries and the large Barnes and Noble with a fantastic kids section. There are some times the mall offers towel service, but as that doesn't always coincide with the fountain's open time, it's best to bring your own.

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4. Bicentennial Park Splashpark at Scioto Mile

The splashpark at Bicentennial Park on the Scioto Mile is amazing. The huge area - 15,000 square feet - has 1,079 ground-level spray nozzles and five halo-like sculpture have additional spraying/misting power. There is plenty of grassy areas, a good deal of shade and a few eateries around. There is also bathrooms right off the splash area to help prevent any accidents.
The park is also a great place to go at night while colored lights light the dancing fountains for kids and the kid at heart. Bicentennial Park on the Scioto Mile
233 Civic Center Drive
Columbus, OH 43215

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5. Village Green Park Splashpark

Locate at 47 Hall St., Powell, Ohio, this splashpark is right behind the City Hall building. It has a relatively small area for water - Barnett is comparable - but it still has some pretty cool features including a water tunnel for the kids to run through.
Other attractions include automatic dumping buckets, movable water sprayers and plenty of sitting area for parents.

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