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Eddie George Grille 27 Restaurant Review


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Eddie George Grille 27 is a sports themed restaurant and bar named after Ohio State University and Tennessee Titan star player Eddie George. George had a hand in selecting the menu and quite a few dishes has his stamp of approval as a favorite dish.

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This is a sports joint, no doubt about it. From the larger than life Eddie George mural on the front face of the restaurant to the million television sets highlighting every sporting event in the Northern Hemisphere - if you want sports you're gonna get it here.

The loud music and competiting televisions make it difficult to carry on conversation, which is fine on big game days, but not so great on date nights. Simply ordering your food can be quite difficult on busy nights.

The same goes for finding a table. While there is plenty of space during the day and early evening, night seating - especially for large parties - is hard to come by, though there is a bar to entertain you (and dozens of televisions) while you wait. There is also a large, plush VIP lounge for friends of Eddie George which makes you wish you had a connection on those looong waits.

During OSU football season, if you're not tailgating you should try to get into the Grille. It's like being at the game or in the parking lot without having to drag your own chairs.

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While it's largely American fare, there surprising variety and depth to the menu that holds quite a few surprises. The buffalo shrimp wontons are delicious and Bulgogi Korean BBQ Beef Salad. There are also twists on traditional favorites like the Ultimate Mac and Cheese which includes bacon crumbles, tomatoes and Japanese panko bread crumbs. Burgers, fish, steak and pasta dishes round out the offerings and while there are plenty of 'heart-attack-on-a-plate' offerings there are enough dishes on the lighter side for those not training for games decided in inches.

A personal vegetarian favorite is the house-made veggie burger. Fresh, juicy and flavorful, this is definitely not a frozen wafer slapped on the grill. Pair it with the Mediterranean salad or the steamed Edamame. The Grille also boasts a well rounded kids menu, though for family dining this is more of an afternoon place when the sound and the bar are lighter.

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In general this is a mid-priced restaurant with a few pricey items, but a lot of other items that fit any budget.

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