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Pattycake Bakery is a vegan bakery on North High Street in Columbus that packs a sweet punch without impacting your body - well they aren't fat free so, a dozen cookies will leave an impact. Most Columbus residents belive a good cookie isn't a cookie without a nice helping of butter, Pattycake is one of the best Columus bakeries to change the staunchest butter fanatic - I'm looking at you Paula Deen.

Vegan? But is it good?

There is a fine balance vegan bakers must strike - goods that are similar to or better than traditional baked goods with animal fats and replicating the same consistency.

Let's face it, we've all tried vegan cookies that were either hard and crumbly or so soft they fall apart ask you pick them up. And what about those dry pieces of sponge impersonating cake? Yelk.

Pattycake leaps far beyond those low bar expectations and surpasses several traditional Columbus bakeries. It's not a good vegan bakery, it's a good bakery period.

Taste Details

Food The chocolate chip cookie has had many reincarnations and is often the cookie by which a baker is tested. Create a good chocolate chip cookie and you've got fans for life. Pattycake has a chocolate chip cookie that is moist, rich and hold up to milk or almond milk dipping. The cookie has big walnut bits that adds just the right amount of crunch and flavor.

The chocolate chip cookie is the gateway drug to the peanut butter cake with chocolate icing. That cake is an addiction. A moist cake that can hold up to a fork is hard to achieve in baking regardless the ingredients. Pattycake's peanut butter cake - with smooth peanut butter taste - a rich, but not oversweet icing is a must have for any event, just be prepared for a feeding frenzy. The shop offers much more by way of goodies incluidng brownies, whoopie pies, muffins, granola, etc.

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Places to Find Pattycake

The bakery got its start at small co-ops around the city and expanded into Cup O'Joes before moving into its first commerical space. Pattycake provides baked goods for a variety of other vendors and stores: clintonville community market
raisin rack
bexley natural market
bexley coffee shop
cafe apropos
crimson cup coffeehouse
kafe kerouac
all cup o joe/mojoe lounge/stauf's locations
yeah, me too!
rad dog!
the hills market
impero coffee house
firefly play cafe
urban coffee

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Feel Good Products

The treats from Pattycake Bakery are not only good for your body, the shop and your purchase is good for the environment. The packing is biodegradable so you can use it in your garden. Other green steps the company takes from the website:
•compost all of our food waste
•recycle everything
•re-use cardboard boxes to package orders
•buy from and support local businesses/non-profits/folks as much as possible
•deliver our central-city orders by bicycle
•use bakery bags that are recycled and biodegradeable
•package most of our baked goods in biodegradeable cellophane
•use 100% post consumer recycled paper lables printed locally with soy-based inks
•use primarily organic ingredients
•use 100% biodegradeable and all natural cleaning products
•are vegan
•are a "green spot" member
•are a member of green america

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