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Moshi Restaurant Review

Sushi for the Eastside of Columbus

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Over the years, Columbus, Ohio has continued to grow in reputation as a can't miss food destination. When looking for good sushi, Columbus, again, doesn't disappoint. When dealing with the craving only a sushi aficionado can truly understand, Moshi Sushi Bar is just what the doctor ordered.

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Located at 2152 E. Main Street in Bexley, Moshi sits right at the corner of South Parkview and Main in the Shoppes at Gateway. A small, yet stylish and comfortable restaurant, Moshi offers the kind of location and setting that is ideal for a casual meal, a friendly first date, or a business lunch. And yes, it's a family friendly place, so you don't have to feel embarassed or apprehensive about bringing the kids. Very clean and well lit, with dining room, bar, or Sushi bar seating, Moshi offers a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere - especially when one needs a nice quick getaway in the middle of the school or work day. The servers are friendly and genuinely concerned about your comfort and happiness.

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There is lots of variety on the menu - though sushi is what the restaurant is known for and named for, there's far more to choose on the menu. From Moshi fish and chips, to tofu steak, to ginseng braised short ribs, Moshi provides plenty of variety, even for those who care little for sushi.

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You can really spend as much or as little as you'd like at Moshi - it's actually quite affordable, especially at lunch time. Moshi's lunch platter (beef, chicken or vegetable bulgolgi, half Californi, spicy salmons, spicy tuna or eel sushi roll, shrimp and vegetable tempure, chicken wings, dumpling and Miso soup or house salad) provides a varied, if not comprehensive taste of what Moshi has to offer, all for about 10 bucks. After stopping in for lunch and trying this platter, you'll leave wondering why you spend so much time in run of the mill fast food restaurants when you can eat here, and get so much truly good food for so little money.

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From the California roll, from which I expected a lot, to the chicken wings, from which I expected very little, I was highly impressed. The platter was more than a hastily thrown together hodge podge - it was truly a delight. Not to mention the presentation was a pleasant surprise. I loved everything from the platter itself to my cool little water glass. The combination of Moshi Sushi Bar's location, it's ambiance, friendly and efficient service, variety of meal and drink options and of course, the sushi make it a destination that those in and around Central Ohio are sure to enjoy.

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