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Things to Do in Columbus Ohio


Looking for something to do? You're in luck. In Columbus there is always something to do and see! Check About Columbus' events calendars, attractions, entertainment listings, parks and sports action here -- you'll find something worth your time.
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There's always something going on in central Ohio. Here's a quick guide to the important whats, wheres and whens of Columbus' festivals and other events.

Food and Entertainment

Dig into the culinary treats Columbus has to offer.

Attractions and Museums

Columbus attractions are spread out over a very wide area. So, if you're not near one, you're close to another. Click here to find one you'll enjoy.

Saving Money in Columbus

Living in Columbus doesn't have to be expensive. Here you'll find free stuff and discounts on everything from food to tickets, massages and movies.


If you're looking for professional sports, we have Columbus Clippers baseball, Blue Jackets hockey, and Columbus' championship soccer team, The Crew. You'll also find horse competitions, car racing, and, of course, the OSU Buckeyes.

Parks and Outdoor Recreation

Columbus is a green city in more ways than one. Check here for info on the Metro Parks, community parks, outdoor programs, state parks and more.

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