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TAT Ristoranted di Famiglia Review


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TAT Ristoranted di Famiglia, located at the corner of Livingston Avenue and James Road, is a restaurant unlike any other in its immediate vicinity. This long time family - owned restaurant, nestled on the city's east side, boasts homemade Italian comfort food - something no other restaurant in the neighborhood does and does so well.

La Famiglia refers to the Corrova family. The Corrovas have been operating Italian restaurants in Columbus since 1929. "Papa" Pete and "Mama" Philomena, both Italian immigrants, started the Corrova family's first restaurant on Goodale Avenue, before eventually moving from the original location to the city's east side. Later, Jimmy and Dolores Corrova, Pete and Philomena's son and daughter-in-law, opened restaurants at Broad Street and James Road (1955) and later on Beechwood Avenue (1962). Currently TAT, established in 1980, serves as the singular representative of those previous locations. TAT is not a replacement or a rebuild, but a continuation of the brand started over 83 years ago. Christmas Tree Farms in Columbus


Upon entering this spacious, yet cozy dining room the word family comes to mind - not just because of the name, but because it literally feels like stepping into your grandmother's house. From the wallpaper, to the pictures on the walls, to the general color scheme, there is an air of familiarity. You just kind of feel like you'be been here before. DON'T MISS: HOLIDAY MUSIC PERFORMANCES


TAT's menu is extensive - the kind of menu that's easy to get lost in, especially on your first visit. From pizza, sandwiches and salads, to steak, chicken and fish and every kind of pasta you can think of, there's something here for almost every kind of appetite. Prices range from about 7 to 23 dollars, so even given the quality of the food it's not a break the bank kind of place. Don't Miss: Christmas Light Displays in Columbus


With so many comfort foods to choose from, it's hard to pick something to try on a first visit. The house salad comes with one of the most flavorful vinegrettes you'll ever taste. This dressing is made in house and is available for purchase by the bottle. For fans of rich sauces, the fettucine alfredo really hits the spot. The creamyness of the alfredo sauce combined with the texture of the noodles is delightful. The chicken parmagiana, boasting a crisp chicken breast smothered in provolone cheese and served with homemade spaghetti noodles topped with a delicious tomato sauce is a good choice for a first time patron just trying to get a feel for what TAT is all about. The generous portions and rich flavors in this dish are an irresistable combination. Don't Miss: 5 Off the Beaten Path Holiday Shopping Trips


The family atmosphere, comfort food, affordable pricing and friendly service make TAT a great place for anyone looking for a taste of Italy in an unexpected location. Don't Miss: Short North Gallery Hop Review

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