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South-Western City Schools Calendar

2012 Academic Calendar and Fun Facts


The South-Western City School District is 119 square miles and is second largest school district in Franklin County, Ohio. According to the website, the district has four high schools, one technical high school, five middles schools, five intermediate schools and 16 elementary schools. As the second largest district in the county, the district has over 20,000 students.

The District Report Card for the South-Western City School District gave the district an "Excellent" rating with a performance index score of 93.9 out of 120 points.

A lot of what makes a school district great is its statement of its mission and adherence to the beliefs it instills throughout its teachers, students and administrative staff. Here is what the South=Western City Schools list as its mission statement From the Website:
Mission Statement
Our mission, directed by our commitment to excellence, and in partnership with the community, is to meet the educational needs of our diverse population of learners.

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8/22 First Day of School for Students 9/3 Labor Day (No School)in grades 4-12
8/22 gr 1-3* (Last names A-G Only)
8/23 gr 1-3* (Last names H-O Only)
8/24 gr 1-3* (Last names P-Z Only)
10/1-10/5 3rd Grade Reading Ach. Test
10/17 Early Dismissal Day
10/19 No School
10/22-11/4 OGT Testing
10/26 End Nine Weeks
10/29 Begin Nine Weeks
10/22-11/4 OGT Testing
11/6 Election Day - No School
11/21 Parent/Teacher Conferences(No School)
11/22-11/23 Thanksgiving (No School)
12/12 Early Dismissal
12/24-1/4 Winter Break (No School)
1/18 End First Semester
1/21 Martin Luther King Day(No School)

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2/4-2/8 OTELA (ESL) Testing
2/18 Parent/Teacher ConferenceDay (No School)*
2/20 Early Dismissal
3/11-3/24 OGT Testing
3/22 End Nine Weeks
3/25-3/29 Spring Break (No School)

4/1 Ordering Day (No School)
4/2 Begin Nine Weeks
4/17 Early Dismissal Day
4/22-5/12 Grade 3-8 Ach. Test
4/22-5/12 Grade 3-8 Ach. Test
5/27 Memorial Day (No School)
5/31 Last Day of School for Students

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Westland - May 31 at 7 p.m.
Grove City - June 1 at 11 a.m.
Central Crossing - June 1 at 3 p.m.
Franklin Heights - June 1 at 7 p.m.

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